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The Bothy Footprint

The Bothy Footprint

Neilus and Denis are busy this morning working on the shuttering for the up-stand and the foot-print of the Bothy is beginning to emerge from the ground.  We had had a little sprinkle of rain early on this morning and the temperature has dropped to 15 degrees from about 18 yesterday.   The garden now surely qualifies as a building site and coax is visible running from the existing ham-shack to the tower.

Conor EI4JN, otherwise @Floatsam on Twitter, has come up with a good idea this morning for our currently defunct UPS from the office.  He has suggested using the inverter to convert the output, via the battery bank, from the solar panels to AC in order to power the PCs.  This is very much in keeping with the spirit of The Bothy where we are trying to run it in as energy efficient a way as possible.  Heat will be provided simply by the PCs, the server and the amateur radio equipment.  I have been watching the temperature in the room where I am currently operating two PCs and a server and it has maintained itself at a constant 22 degrees since we moved in last week.  This should improve in the newly, and properly insulated Bothy as opposed to the the main house which is somewhere in the region of two hundred years old and built from stone.


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