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While Martin, Neilus and Denis are busy making progress with construction of The Bothy, I’ve have been busy today with some new clients carrying out a consultation in their garden space.  The Bothy you see is not just a nice place to sit and do amateur radio stuff but must also earn it’s keep as the base for operations at

My clients in this instance are comfortable with using their PCs and therefore I have chosen to deliver the short report arising from todays meeting via this blog.

Date of meeting: October 2nd 2009

Time of meeting: 1030

Location of meeting: On Site

Noted:  The clients are completing a major renovation of their residence which is situated deep in a rural area.  Mature trees and shrubs are existing on site and the remains of a earlier lawn are in evidence.  The site have been dominated to date by building constructions works.


  • Remove drive-way to south of site, excavate to subsoil and ameliorate compaction.  Make good using subsoil and minimum 150mm topsoil to required level
  • Remove non native trees discussed and deadwood Fraxinus exelsior and other trees as required.
  • Remove fork from fraxinus exelsior to right had side of entrance, retaining fork with leader.
  • Plant fruit trees in new orchard area identified  on site at 6 to 8m centers to later specification.
  • Form terraces and retaining walls to front garden to later detailed design ensuring the focal points are visible from inside the house.
  • Position terrace to SW of building thereby ensuring maximum solar access.
  • Use Hydrangea, Fuchsia and Crocosmia species on boundaries as discussed to reflect and match similar planting in the local area.
  • Use traditional garden plants and native trees throughout.

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