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Today the postwoman brough the first snail-mail to the Bothy

Today the postwoman brought the first snail-mail to The Bothy

Now that the first letters – there were two – have been received addressed to The Bothy, even while it is still in construction – it somehow brings the project to the next level of reality.

On Friday last we had a visit from an inspector from the planning department at city hall.  He had a good look at the project on the ground and went back to his office, as far as I can tell, happy that the project forms an exempted development.  Thinking about this over the weekend, planning inspectors just don’t turn up at peoples bothys unless they have received a call from a member or members of the public.  I just wonder if somebody had been under the impression last week that our little (admittedly five star) bothy was a major development that somehow signals the recommencement of the building boom?  Were they worried that a five story, as opposed to a single story five star bothy was being rolled out?

Mystery Vegetable

Mystery Vegetable

A special mention on this blog, on Twitter and an invitation to The Bothy commissioning party will be awarded the first person to contact me with  the name of the above delicious vegetable grown by Stephanie in The Bothy garden.


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  1. Is it a parsnip?

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