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We are in the process of designing and assembling the components that will help to power The Bothy using solar energy & so far we have taken taken delivery of two one hundred watt solar panels, a control unit and some cabling from  Having finally got my head around the fact that the ceiling of The Bothy will be about 3.5 high at the rear and approximately 2m high in the front it seems that a ceiling fan will be useful.  This will help to move air in the summer in order to keep the space cool and, importantly, will also move air in the cooler weather in order to ensure that the whole space benefits from the heat being generated by both the work area equipment and by the ham radio equipment.  This will of course be a DC unit which makes particular sense in the summer, using solar power to help keep the space cool.

John Ronan has been in touch and has e-mailed me more useful information, this time about the Current Cost Envi which measures electricity consumption.  His blog shows some very interesting graphs generated via a PC.   I suspect that once I have had time to look at what he is doing in more detail that one of these things will become an essential piece of equipment for the house and for The Bothy.


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