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Monthly Archives: November 2009

While testing the impact of the proposed LED lighting system in The Bothy I noticed some ghostly writing on the dusty window.... see the next photograph where I think I've captured it....

....ghostly graffiti in support of!


Last week was a busy one, with being around to a number of suppliers assembling the various components needed for the fit-out.  First stop was Buckley Caravans to pick up a range of LED 12volt light fittings.  These include spotlights from Lumo and a Labcraft caravan awning light which is just the ticket for mounting over the work areas.

Next stop was at where I had a good look at rainwater harvesting equipment and where I benefited greatly from the advice offered by Daniel Connolly.

While writing this post my DC ceiling fan arrived by courier from where Nigel and Anne have have both spent a great deal of time advising on Solar equipment.

This morning also the last of the insulation materials have arrived and the pine tongue-and-groove ceiling boards are also on site.

Denis and Martin are happy to work indoors today as we have had a very cold few days culminating this morning in a heavy frost, which is clearing now as the sun is gaining a bit of altitude.  There is nothing like buying a couple of solar panels to make you aware of the solar access afforded by your property.

Denis completing the underfloor insulation

The first piece of rainwater harvesting kit ready for istallation at The Bothy

While keeping a very close ear to the shipping forecast for further expected rain and gales Martin and Denis have been very busy today adding the finishing touches to the exterior of The Bothy.  The windows were installed before the worst of the weather arrived yesterday and thankfully we have not been effected so far by the fallout from the storms

The Plumber and gas fitter were both on site today and we expect to see them again on Monday to move/replace the gas boiler and to install our AD and DC electrical systems. Martin expects to make progress with the flooring next week also and tomorrow will be spent researching light fittings and floor coverings.

From here it looks like we might begin to paint and decorate the interior around about December 11th and be all moved in and operating before Christmas, which will give me an opportunity to re-organise my amateur radio station during the holidays.  It also means of course that when our good friends the Jacksons arrive at Cork Airport on January 3rd for a long overdue few days visit, they will have somewhere to stay, as my current radio room will become the new guest room.

Windows and Rainwater Kit

The new windows from inside The Bothy

Denis working hard to complete the windows before the next rain and windstorm arrives.

Part of the roof structure prior to insulation and finishing using T&G pine boarding.

What looked like two very over-sized Velux roof-lights have now been fitted and, in fact now that they are in position look just right.  They are admitting a whole lot of light to The Bothy even in the relatively low November light conditions to the north of the main dwelling.

Rather than readjust the balanced flue attaching to the gas boiler it now looks as if the thing will need to be replaced.  In any event it looks like it will need to be moved and placed in The Bothy.  This is good news as we will be able to add a radiator, but bad news from the point of view of the solar electrical system, which will now need to be operated on lesser batteries and reduced technology.  Nigel and Anne at have of course been inputting to the decision making process for the P.V. system all the way through.  The one must-have right now from them is a DC fan which will operate to re-distribute warm air which will rise into the roof space from the ham gear, PCs and server, and which can be reversed during the long hot summers to ventilate the space.


Martin fitting a Velux roof-light...


....and descending having completed the job.


Cedral Weather Board

Denis working on the Cedral Weatherboard Siding System


Cedral Weatherboard corner detail

Corner detail of Cedral Weatherboard during construction

The Bothy has been secured against high winds and heavy rain over the weekend and Denis is busy today cutting and shaping the lengths of siding which form the outer skin of the building.  Cedral weatherboard is a fiber cement product which is durable and easy to work, and which is an alternative to PVC or timber.