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What looked like two very over-sized Velux roof-lights have now been fitted and, in fact now that they are in position look just right.  They are admitting a whole lot of light to The Bothy even in the relatively low November light conditions to the north of the main dwelling.

Rather than readjust the balanced flue attaching to the gas boiler it now looks as if the thing will need to be replaced.  In any event it looks like it will need to be moved and placed in The Bothy.  This is good news as we will be able to add a radiator, but bad news from the point of view of the solar electrical system, which will now need to be operated on lesser batteries and reduced technology.  Nigel and Anne at have of course been inputting to the decision making process for the P.V. system all the way through.  The one must-have right now from them is a DC fan which will operate to re-distribute warm air which will rise into the roof space from the ham gear, PCs and server, and which can be reversed during the long hot summers to ventilate the space.


Martin fitting a Velux roof-light...


....and descending having completed the job.


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