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Last week was a busy one, with being around to a number of suppliers assembling the various components needed for the fit-out.  First stop was Buckley Caravans to pick up a range of LED 12volt light fittings.  These include spotlights from Lumo and a Labcraft caravan awning light which is just the ticket for mounting over the work areas.

Next stop was at where I had a good look at rainwater harvesting equipment and where I benefited greatly from the advice offered by Daniel Connolly.

While writing this post my DC ceiling fan arrived by courier from where Nigel and Anne have have both spent a great deal of time advising on Solar equipment.

This morning also the last of the insulation materials have arrived and the pine tongue-and-groove ceiling boards are also on site.

Denis and Martin are happy to work indoors today as we have had a very cold few days culminating this morning in a heavy frost, which is clearing now as the sun is gaining a bit of altitude.  There is nothing like buying a couple of solar panels to make you aware of the solar access afforded by your property.

Denis completing the underfloor insulation

The first piece of rainwater harvesting kit ready for istallation at The Bothy


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