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More and more people are discovering the merits of working from home, but not just from any old room in the house. We are realising that it is possible to work from home and still maintain an effective degree of separation between our work and our home life.  Having closed my rental office recently in the very excellent Marina Commercial Park I am at home, on-site, while The Bothy is being built.  I am therefore of course uniquely positioned to sample the nuances of working from the house itself as opposed to very shortly working from The Bothy.

I’ll revisit this discussion again when we’ve got everything into The Bothy & when operations are up and running from there.  During the process of deciding to take this route towards working from home, and during the design and build phase, one point of reference that has been of great benefit has been Alex Johnsons  Shedworking, which takes three forms:

  • The blog which has daily updates of all sorts of interesting and innovative and practical ideas for working from sheds or shed-like places
  • The Twitter account which is part of a wide-ranging discussion on all things shed-like & on the world in general
  • And the new book which is due for publication in June 2010 and which you can now pre-order on-line.

This is your very best One-Stop for all things to do with knowing about working in sheds or in shed-like places.


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