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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Much, much later & The Bothy now feels like home, well home from home at any rate. There have been no problems with regard to the materials and build quality and everything is working very well indeed. It is easy and cheap to heat and very easy to keep it cool. The former is done on a separate zone on the house central heating system, and the latter is achieved simply by opening two skylights, two windows and a door. This, in combination with the solar powered ceiling fan ensures that the air is changed over in seconds… of course the cats also get in!

One of the big adjustments to working at home is the lack of social contact during the working day.  On the plus side it does encourage you to get involved in stuff outside of work & I tend too enjoy these activities more as a result.

I’ve been busy learning Joomla, the content management system, since I was last on here. This have been a good exercise and I have built a number of websites along the way. The only one that I will own to right now however is which you are welcome to take a peep at. If you do have a minute you might let me if there is any one thing that you would change if it were your site. A photo of The Bothy taken during the last few weeks appears here also.

Speaking of photos, I’m in the process of taking a few of The Bothy now that it is in use and will post them next week all going well.